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by chazzz @, USA, Sunday, April 16, 2017, 15:20 @ pravdaseeker

I definitely agree with you pravdaseeker on this. Another failed North Korean rocket launch was the best thing that could happen under the circumstances. Had it succeeded followed by an NK nuclear test, it would have been interpreted as a direct threat by South Korea and the USA. Either the North Koreans are surpringly inept at multi-stage rockets or somebody is "helping" them fail.

Thank goodness we didn't wake up this morning to Korean War 2 and thousands to millions of casualties! That would be a really bad way to start Easter 2017.

Unfortunately this is potentially a slow rolling tragedy. At least the slower it unrolls the more chance for sensible people to take a step back. Unfortunstely Kim Jong Un and his father before him have put a lot of emphasis on attaining a nuclear arsenal and at this point has way more to gain from its successful conclusion than he has to lose.

Donald Trump is a "shoot from the hips" kind of president and does not well tolerate being defied. Within the US political system he has to tolerate defiance and insults. But it seems he is unwilling to tolerate that internationally given the examples of US missile attacks on the Syrian Air Force and use of a giant bunker-busting conventional bomb in Afghanistan against ISIS tunnels. Do not forget that aparantly Trump wanted a Soviet style military parade for his inaguration in Washington, but the US military brass talked him out of it. Nor should you forget that as a result of one of his first classified military briefings as a candidate he was reported as asking why cannot we use nuclear weapons now?

I do not think Kim Jung Un actually wants to start a new Korean War. He is one mean SOB but does not seem irrational. But the Korean leaders have consistently practiced extream brinksmanship and threats in attempting to get what they want. As I see it, the wosts risks are two-fold. First, in order to make a bluff threatening, you have to have the wherewithal to back it up. This means the threats are potentially real. And either side could misread the circumstances and over-react. Secondly, North Korea badly needs investment in its infrastructure to better feed itself but their potentially most valuable export could be nuclear weapons. And who wants just a few nuclear weapons - Well funded and orgainized terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda. And who do these groups hate?


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