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by Gnosine @, Sunday, April 16, 2017, 12:47 @ Gnosine

i'll attempt to keep this condensed as possible, lol! after the vapor barrier was installed and the electrical completed, we opted for "green" rock for its added mold resistance. i'll start with the kitchen...the heart of any home. after living with a small fridge and limited counter space/top in an rv, the floor plan started here. tongue and groove pine was used for the walls and ceiling, pre- assembled cabinets, and a space saver "baker's rack" was modified/used. this allowed a slow but "within monthly" budget to be maintained.

2 coats of stain, 2 coats of polyurethane:



as per pic, we used the top 2 shelves with "s" hooks. make sure to frame the ceiling properly. as these units have caster wheels, the lower 2 shelves were used as a roll around cart. in case more space is needed, it can be used in replacement of the small chest freezer. always keep the sink cutout...makes for a great cutting board or for rolling dough.



i used every type of door. a "pocket door" was used for the bathroom, a "bi-fold" door for the pantry, and a "slider" door for the closet.


i read many blogs. many people live in fear and would not even post pics like these. being an easter weekend and all, if reincarnation is a reality...what type of world are we to return to? make each one count.

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