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by Mother_Of_The_World @, Friday, April 14, 2017, 14:53 @ Old_Ponter
edited by Mother_Of_The_World, Friday, April 14, 2017, 17:19

Hi Old_Ponter!

It goes without saying that the Source of this "information" is highly dubious!
It is most likely a front "News" outlet for MOSSAD: given it's country of origin.

First of all, the allegation that the August 2013 "Sarin attack" in Ghouta, Syria (which spawned the said 2014 Chemical Weapons' destruction deal!) was carried out by The Syrian Government was NEVER forensically proven!
As a matter of fact, the evidence from the case in question very much supported the opposing allegation of The Rebels being the culprits!

See here:

Also, the writer claims that there was not much compliance between The Syrian Government & the parties who were guarantors of the process of disarmament >>> destruction of Syria's chemical weapons.

This is what the Head of The OPCW said after the whole process was completed: as you can see below:

On 23 June, the head of OPCW, Ahmet Üzümcü, announced in The Hague that the last of Syria's declared chemical weapons had been shipped out of the country for destruction.[1] The last 8% of the chemical stockpile was loaded onto ships at Latakia. The most toxic chemicals, including sarin precursors and sulphur mustard, were destroyed by 18 August aboard the US naval vessel MV Cape Ray.[110] The remaining were destroyed in the US, Great Britain and Finland.[1][111] On 4 January 2015, the OPCW confirmed that the destruction was completed.[111]

Despite American criticisms of the delays, the OPCW has described Syria's cooperation as "satisfactory".[112]


According to The OPCW, there were > still are only 2 known sites in Syria which contain chemical weapons stockpiles.
Both sites are in Idlib Province.....a region of Syria where The Syrian Military have NO presence, and one which has been completely inaccessible to Government Forces for several years!

Only those terrorist groups who control the whole of Idlib Province can gain access to the remaining chemical weapons sites!

If these "Moderate Rebels" (as The MSM love to call them!) really want the world to be certain that it wasn't them, then WHY won't they allow OPCW Inspectors access, so that it can be proved conclusively what exactly was used, and who used it???

The idea that Assad: whose forces were thought to be within weeks of reclaiming the whole of Syria, and thus finally Winning this 6 year War......would jeopardize this priceless opportunity of an historic Victory is absurd in the extreme!

What would he possibly have to gain from something which would provide Th Anglo-American-Zio-Con World Power with the sort of justification which would precipitate his extermination??? Absolutely nothing!!!

Furthermore, there is no evidence at all that the gas released in Idlib on April 4th was Sarin!

The deployment of actual Sarin - in the form of a proper chemical weapon - would kill thousands, and kill anyone coming into direct skin-2-skin contact with victims of this lethal toxin!
In none of videos we've been shown of the aftermath of the alleged incident, do we see any of the so called "rescuers" wearing any kind of protective clothing, or indeed taking any precautions in handling the victims!
What is more all of the videos presented thus far are from Media outlets of Terror Groups (like "The White Helmets" - who are the PR friendly face of Al-Qaeda, or "The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights" - which is actually run by some con-man from Coventry, UK!).
Their authenticity >>> credibility is ZERO!

In short they are nothing more than elaborately concocted "snuff movies"......devised specifically to DUPE "sheeple" into supporting a War to conquer Syria on behalf of THE NEW WORLD ORDER!

There was no way Assad was ever gonna trust Trump, especially when Trump made it very clear: soon after taking office, that he wasn't a friend of Syria, or indeed Russia!

Assad knew from decades of both him & his father doing business with Russia, that Russia has always been an honest & reliable partner!, and therefore he had no reason whatsoever to suspect that Russia would ever stitch him up with America!

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