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Why Did Assad Use Nerve Gas? (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by Old_Ponter @, 3000 miles north of north pole, Friday, April 14, 2017, 11:48

The writer of the following article postulates that the gas attack occurred specifically for the purpose of deteriorating relations between the American and Russian governments. Assad believed all the media hoopla against Donald Trump...

... The more likely truth is that Assad was deeply afraid that the U.S. policy shift was part of a secret deal with the Russians, one that he had to head off.

In 2014, after the first documented government use of chemicals against the Syrian population, Russia and the United States struck a deal for the removal and liquidation of Assad’s Sarin and other chemical stocks. Part of the importance of the deal lay in the fact that it was negotiated directly between Russia’s foreign minister and America’s secretary of state, making Russia and the United States the high-level guarantors of Assad’s compliance. There was not much compliance, actually — UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon said chemical stocks remained and 5 of 12 chemical plants were still operating months after the disposal was supposed to have occurred. But regardless of what they knew (and regardless of Assad’s use of chlorine gas), the deal was considered a success until Khan Sheikhoun. This first use of Sarin since the agreement poses a direct challenge to both countries, but especially to Russia.

Why? The answer is that Assad, as paranoid as he surely is, suspected that the administration’s announcement on regime change policy was an opening bid by the United States to cut a deal with the Russians on a general Syrian settlement. Syrian policy makers could easily construe the FBI’s ongoing investigations in Washington as proof of a Trump-Putin alliance. And that would be terrifying.

Russia has been looking for a way out of the Syrian war that would preserve Russian bases and political power. But its attempt to get a deal failed ...

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