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David Rockefeller Dies at 101....BOO HOO (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by pravdaseeker @, Monday, March 20, 2017, 14:25 @ Theresa

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Well appears the devil has closed his contract with David...

Sorry, but why do I feel absolutely no remorse over this news?

7 hearts? WOW... Wonder who and how they had so many viable transplants in the que?

Wouldn't have been a good thing to be a "match" for David in this case....despite his money.

Am I so cold hearted to feel no remorse, no sense of loss for humanity?

A friends mother-in-law passed recently. I never knew the woman, or met her.

Yet I have a sense of how great a lady she was by her daughter, and how that daughter took care of her very devotedly until she passed. I never met the daughter either... just know my friend, and how all her terrible ordeals went, and how she faded slowly from this earth, and how it affected my friend, and his family.

Now THAT was heart weighed heavily on my friend... to see the pain and sorrow he went through...

Forgive me for being so unfeeling in this news about Mr Rockerfeller.




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