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by Theresa @, Monday, March 20, 2017, 10:49 @ Gnosine

Hi Gnosine:

Don't worry slang names like 'bankster' are fine, I don't use them but others are free to do to.

But as I stated in CC's post, I think calling someone a 'retard' who is mentally/physically limited is a bit too far.

So that is what I meant. Nothing to worry about everything here is fine, I did not mean to alarm anyone.

"Bankster" for example illustrates what the person is and has chosen to be by way of his/her profession, I don't mind those at all.

But on the other hand just for an example, calling someone who is African American a N word would not be acceptable.

If it is meant to intentionally demean someone for something that they have no control over, well I think you get it.

Simple rule, debate the message, don't attack the messenger.

I think everyone here does fine as far as I have seen.

I hope this makes it clear because sometimes it's hard to make things clear in text. And when I see something like that, as moderator, I have no choice but to comment on it.

Here, I know most of you fairly well so I can see when, for example one is just having a bad day and venting, if I didn't know all of you so well I would have to be way more on my toes.

Just look at the comments sections under news articles. They are horrible. I just never want this forum to become like THAT. Seeing that and wanting us to be able to dialogue with those of a different view are why I included the no ad hominem rule in the policy for STA.

I don't think we are in danger of that. (knock on wood)

Hope this makes sense.

Much Love,

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