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by Maralela @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 22:46

"Diseased Refugees Obtaining SSN and Passport Upon Arrival"

Published on Mar 16, 2017

Refugees are flown in at night and given SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS and PASSPORTS completely non-vetted.

Josh Tolley interviewing a woman that sat in and was part of the UN refugee resettlement program, and she has been shocked by what she has found out. One meeting she was in she felt that she was the ONLY person in the room that was shocked, worried, alarmed about all this.

Various contagious diseases, sometimes no translator so not much can be found out about them, if their name can’t be figured out they are listed as FuNu (full name unknown. They are given cards like food stamp cards, money type cards to pay for things, transportation to where they are going to stay free. They are registered with social security numbers and given a UNITED STATES passport but she doesn’t know how in the world THAT can be done for a FuNu (do they choose a name?), etc.

The state is given federal money to do these things but if the state refuses to do this then federal takes over and the state loses ALL knowledge of these people of where they go, criminality, sickness, etc. She was shocked that there was NO vetting, and that in the meeting she went to they were encouraged to try to find something about the people that would put them on long term disability (for life), etc.

Contagious diseases, no vetting, many unknown names, but they get everything they need free plus social security number and passport. AND they are flown in AT NIGHT. AND the majority are males between 15 and 45 years of age.

She told one story about a man who was supposed to transport 6 Syrian males to a destination 2 hours driving away. They started yelling at him, threatening him, he stopped and tried to get someone else to pick them up but this was Missouri at 2:00 a.m. in the middle of winter. He did finish the trip and refused to ever do such a thing again.

There IS something going on in this country trying to make it have troubles like Europe with its refugees.

He asked about Trump. She explained that she thinks Trump is aware of some of this and that is why he is trying so hard to stop such. He HAS managed to slow down this problem a bit.

… She thinks this is part of the “2030 agenda” to be accomplished before 2030 -- no borders between countries, etc.

Listen to what she sys about “sanctuary cities” and eliminating sheriffs so no sheriff to control things so the city can do what it wants, etc.

She is trying to let governors and other more local officials know more about these problems.

Be vigilant, stay alert.

Much, much, more at

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