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by pragnos @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 20:46 @ Theresa


Thank you for the story of the origin of this song. Time travel to the past is very real. At the time in the late 60's and early 70's, I was particularly drawn to Moody Blues tunes and the spiritually inspiring lyrics were a source of peace and wonder I shared with several very good friends. One was more special than others and is perhaps the closest to a living saint I will know in this life time. He died young in '85 of a rare cancer in his mid 30's and to this day his widow is still struggling with his loss. Much as I love the Moodys, listening to them now always makes me wistful thinking of my old friend and how we used to sing along with the records and discuss the meanings of the lyrics. One of my most cherished memories of my friend is from the time when we all rented a house in Pomona,CA. in 1970 and a neighbor who played in a band was practicing guitar in his garage. He saw us out in the front yard and invited us over because he had heard us howling along with Three Dog Night songs for sure. He asked what we wanted to sing and we said how about George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord". He began strumming he chords and we sang most of the song. It is a very special memory that means more as each year passes by. Now imagine that song with a fading bag pipe in the outro! --pragnos

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