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by ConcernedCitizen @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 13:38 @ CatFan

Again, if I stepped over the line my apologizes. I tried to wake people up to the BS of these IMO sick events that we celebrate. We live in a society where anyone's natural or societal inability to perform in a "normal" manner is elevated to "hero" status. Meanwhile genius is almost condemned. "Same as it ever was" only cranked up to 11. Galileo was almost killed, Geodorno Bruno died for his wisdom.
"Hero's" have become BS. Poor wonderful Joe Campbell is turning over in his grave. Little girl die's from cancer after a brave heroic struggle. I'm sorry she was an Angel but Her sacred body held on as long as It could than left the building. That's not heroic. THAT'S FUCKING SURVIVAL. She is an Angel and a Goddess but her "heroism" is BS. Safe journey to her.
If you lose a foot you'll be a "hero" if you walk in a marathon. Do you really want to walk in a marathon? But that's what this sick society supports. I am not being harsh here, please understand. If you cut your friggin' finger you ain't a hero, BUT if you speak out against TPTW you ain't a nutcase either, but TPTW want to focus on "heros".
If you question TPTW you are a nut case conspiracy theorist. No matter how many feet you have, you will never be a "hero".
To promote watching sick children and adults perform tricks for our amusement and a chance to make us feel like decent folks. Reminds me of those sacred brothers and sisters of our's the elephants. Barnum & Baily reduced our magnificent teachers to FUCKING CIRCUS CLOWNS!!!! We lessen the perceived abuse to the "performers". As TPTW become more brutal (is the implementation of white phosphorous on "our" enemies really an advance in civilization or devolution?) they play up the "compassion" of the unwashed useless eaters. TPTW cleaned up their act, went from gladiators and bullfights with people and animals publicly eviscerated to making people who many of us consider lesser than "us" preform stuff we can no longer. At some point I think we became the gladiators, although we always were, we just miss perceived it. Now victim hood is a great thing. As we lose our pensions, etc, etc we rejoice when we see these magnificent Angels do things TPTW force them to do while we lay in our victimhood.

please perceive none of my monkey talk posts as anger, i'm just crying out sometimes from the bottom of the well many are in.

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