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by pragnos @, Sunday, March 19, 2017, 12:38 @ Theresa


Thanks for posting this anti war song. It always makes me misty-eyed. The pipes really get to me. Summer of 1969 after my junior year in college was my first living away from home. I had a summer job in the old ARCO oil refinery in Long Beach, CA. They had a program to hire college students to fill in as relief operators so the union workers could take their vacations and not burden their colleagues with weeks of 12-16 hour days. I was on rotating shift work and my roommate had a day summer job as a jr engineer at the nearby Shell refinery. His younger brother and his buddy came to stay with us for several weeks and they had this record which they played over and over again. I had never really heard or listened to the blues before and it really opened up something in me. I didn't know who these musicians were or much of anything about blues players and their history. In recent years, I took guitar lessons from a guy who loves the blues and I got exposed to a lot more of the genre. I hope some day to put something together worth sharing here at STA as a few others have like the missing Morio. We had a couple of friends over last night and the couple performs together at open mic nights. He recently picked up the clarinet and since early January has become quite proficient on several hard songs. His wife accompanies on guitar and my wife pitched in on piano. All three sing beautifully. I try to fill in with a few guitar licks.

Music is transforming even magically so in some instances. The quest is to find that certain rhythm, chord changes, and melody that inspires ones heart and soul to insight, compassion, and kindness. --pragnos

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