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Preemptive Strike on North Korea (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by chazzz @, USA, Saturday, March 18, 2017, 15:34 @ Theresa

In my opinion, the situation in North Korea is one of the most dangerous situations that Trump and the USA face. North Korea has exploded test atomic devices, the last is believed to have been about twice the yield of Hiroshima and possibly small enough to fit on one of their larger missiles.

North Korea has continued on the path to develop a missile that could threaten mainland USA with a nuclear weapon. Today South Korea and Japan and possibly US protectorate Guam are within range. In all probability it would take nuclear weapons at this point to guarentee wiping out the North Korean government and their nuclear and missile installations. If such a strike missed a single nuclear weapon in North Korea, we can assume that North Korean agents would work tirelessly to smuggle it into a US city and set it off. The longer time goes by, the harder it gets to prevent such a thing.

US missile defense systems are in place that could react to a launch from North Korea, but it does not have a 100% chance of stopping an incoming missile. Missile defense technology is very, very difficult. It is unlikely that any US president would be willing to trade even the complete and utter destruction of North Korea in exchange for a single US city anywhere. The only way to be pretty sure of stopping an incoming missile attack would be by using layers of missile defense - Such as the long distance missile defense system in Alaska and CA plus short range missile defense systems like THAAD at the potential target areas. This makes the military option for the USA one that is only possible until North Korea has weaponized its nuclear arsenal. And, the North Koreans have also been working on submarine launched missiles which do not require long range missiles if the sub is a few hundred miles off the CA coast, for example.

What does North Korea want? They want economic sanctions lifted. They want a treaty with the USA oficially ending the Korean War. They want to be as respected and feared as they think they deserve. If sanctions were lifted, the greatest risk is they might sell their most valuable potential export - nuclear tipped missiles or just the warheads. And there could be international terrorist groups like ISIS or others who would be willing to pay. While MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) works between countries with fixed assets and capitals to prevent nuclear war, it does not necessarily work with terrorist orgainizations or crazed religious fanatics. So in exchange for North Korea not exporting nuclear weapons, the USA might be backed into subsidies to North Korea - A never ending blackmail.

Is Kim Jong Un mad? - No far from it. He is evil without a doubt, but he is also clever and rational. He knows that if North Korea achieves status as a nuclear power it will change all the conditions in a way that helps him immensely. So there is nothing that can convince him to give up the quest for nuclear weapons at this point.

The most rational response to the current situation for the USA right now might be a direct nuclear attack on the government of North Korea and all their nuclear and missile related facilities. The problem would be are we absolutely sure North Korea does not have a nuclear device, even a "dirty bomb" they could infiltrate into the USA? And the USA would have inflicted millions of casualties and exposed the region to nuclear fallout resulting in a great many other injuries outside North Korea with no declaration of war or internationally legal justification for such an attack. That would make the USA look like a pariah among nations and Trump would look terrible inside the USA.

Things to watch for:

If Trump requests from Congress authority to address a clear and present North Korean threat, he's getting legal permission for a preemptive attack on North Korea. Unless North Korea attacks the USA it's the only constitutionally legal way to attack North Korea.

Once Kim Jung Un has what he believes to be reliable missiles and more than one reliable nuclear weapon, I suspect he will conduct a demonstration where he launches a live nuclear tipped missile at an unoccupied location in the Pacific Ocean. If he does that the nuclear test will be detected by US and other satellites. Such a test would absolutely prove that North Korea has a nuclear arsenal and that it is too late to take them out by attack.


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