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by ConcernedCitizen @, Friday, March 17, 2017, 09:17 @ CatFan

Thank you for all the support. Just an addition to what going on. I think this evil is diminishing but it's still pretty strange. I went for acupuncture yesterday to a Buddhist lady who is very good and very intuitive. While she was working on me she seemed concerned, almost afraid. Usually it's very effective but she was struggling and I was in a lot of pain. When it was over she seemed to almost bolt from the room. When I checked out there were still 2 needles in my head that the receptionist saw and removed. This has never happened here before. Both my fiance and myself have gone ot her in the past with good results. When I got home and changed my clothes there was still a needle in my ankle and blood. I've never bled there before and there are also scabs on my head where the needles were. I would like to talk to her about what she "saw" but not sure how to breech the subject.

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