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by ConcernedCitizen @, Thursday, March 16, 2017, 09:56

I posted about this a while back and needed to get this out.
There is a bad energy in our home. My fiance is currently debilitated. We have tried everything and went to a "spiritual cleanser" who I trust. He sensed the bad energy and gave me techniques to clear the area. I got some great responses here which reinforced what I was trying to do and thanks to the posters for that.
Long story short:
I started the clearing and apparently woke something up because the next day I was in the hospital. I have been unable to continue the clearing for now because I threw my back out and still have to lift my fiance from the bed, wheelchair etc, so it's been slow going.
Seeking help I reached out to others and was introduced to people in similar situations. I have been speaking with a couple out west that are also being attacked to an extreme level. I'm talking basically "exorcist" the movie type stuff. Unbelievable as it seems this couple is suffering "visitations" of something that is raping the man's wife.
I spoke with them last night and am trying to put them in touch with additional help but I feel that we are making progress. Last night was the first night I've been able to sleep in over a week. Still a long way to go but getting there.
Theresa mentioned hate in another post and I finally came to the realization that hating whatever is attacking us is futile. Hate is their food and I was feeding them non stop. I have demanded that they leave, continue the clearing and explain that I do not hate them but pity them and that they DO NOT belong here and MUST go back to where they came from and I wish them peace. It seems to be working. Just wanted to put this out there.
Lastly some of the things that have occurred to tell me that I'[ve stirred the pot:
my hospital stay
computer crashed
printer died
cell phone with ongoing problems

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