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by ConcernedCitizen @, Wednesday, March 15, 2017, 10:43

Good Morning Theresa,
First I thank you for this site and I am sorry for the struggles you are going through. I contributed monetarily a while back when I was able but with medical bills, etc I am no longer in a position to do so but I wish you and this site the very best.
I understand that you do not support Trump and that is the beauty of free speech and a wonderful forum like this. I voted for him sadly as the lesser of two evils and for me the jury is still out.
What I do not understand is when I tried to expose the MSM of disinfo on the smart devices that are watching us, which I think most of us are aware of, and all of us should be made aware of, you tell me to change the channel if I don't like it. I'm referring to my post on whoopie goldberg.
What if we changed the channel during the Vietnam war? Would we still be there killing innocents? What if we changed the channel when blacks and their supporters were being beaten and lynched. I'm appalled by the MSM when every comment about Trump is negative. Changing the channel IMO negates what this site is about.
This man was elected president by the standing rules of our constitution, which is flawed like every human document but it is what it is until it can be changed. wassermann schultz was forced to step down after throwing Sander's under the bus. This obliterates any confidence in the DNC. No president in my lifetime has suffered the ongoing abuse and threats that Trump is suffering. lynch is calling for violent revolution, obama and clinton continue to work for the dark side and the MSM is cheer leading them. "Fast and Furious" eric holder is trying to make a comeback. Google "Fast and Furious" and there is little mention of holder's illegal deeds, it's now a new movie. Just like Black Friday is now a shopping day with little or no mention of the stock market crash. Thank God for Steely Dan. I'm sorry I can't change the channel when I see and hear blatant lies from people who threaten to run to Canada when they don't get their way than (as usual) can't walk the walk. If you feel I should no longer post here that is your decision but I must speak truth to power and I can not change the channel.

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