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Donald Trump adviser Roger Stone admits contact with suspected Russian hacker (STA BREAKING NEWS and ARCHIVES)

by Theresa @, Tuesday, March 14, 2017, 08:23

If you look in the archives here you will see where I have written ahbout Guccifer 2.0


One of Donald Trump's senior advisers has admitted that he had contact with the figure claiming to be behind the hacking of Democratic emails during the US presidential election.

Roger Stone told The Washington Times that the private exchange with Guccifer 2.0 was "perfunctory, brief and banal".

The Republican Party strategist added that they had made contact after the hacking had taken place.

Their interaction followed an article on right wing news site Brietbart, which accused Guccifer 2.0 of being behind the intrusion and not the Russian state, he said.


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