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Is Valiant at RMN for real? (NEWS AND CONVERSATIONS)

by CharlesHenry @, Friday, May 13, 2016, 11:26

Hi, All Readers and Writers.

Sometimes I had my doubts, that he, Valiant who writes at RMN, was for real. But, since his post yesterday I am sure that he is.
And he is a very talented Artist.
What impressed me in that post is how he reminds us what a forum is all about. Namely to discuss things.
I am sure he does not mind if I quote him. Here is what he said:
Denying something is often the most common
Thing you find when people don’t want to
Discuss things…which doesn’t help things
At all in reasoning…People need to discuss
These things…For real…To fight them, to
Find out how to figure out why things
Are so messed up…
That’s why people need to come together
To discuss things, share their stories and
Views…not claim one knows more than
Another…Too many are afraid to speak…
Mostly because there are too many
Who don’t shut up long enough to give
Them a voice…
I was always told to shut up and listen…
The only reason I write these things
Now is to hopefully get people to talk to
Each other more…
The world is falling apart because for too
Long things that should have been discussed
Were not…People were told to shut up
While the bullies pushed their opinions
Under the veils of law…religion…ruling…
May the future become brighter through
Greater reason in discussion…
Even if it must come by regressing to
The old ways of story telling over campfires…
Woodstoves…or a dinner table…

Should we not all trying to be TruthSeekers?
How can we sometimes find answers, than through the help of others?
Everyone sees things through another perspective. This is what I said
In my post ”Adam and Eve”.
Now, Iwas throwing a couple of pretty big bones on the floor of this forum.
But I had no bite, not even a nibble.
Did anybody read my post “This is not about Computers”?
If so, did anybody notice my implications about our most important questions, like, who or what AM I? And where do I come from?
Well folks, if we do not help each other in finding answers, what is this all about? Talking about helping others, Theresa should not have to practically beg month after month after month. This is not right!
Please excuse me for my mistakes or the way I express myself sometimes, English is not my mother tongue.
And another thing. In my book, Wisdom has something to do with experience, and experience with age. I am 87 years old. So I have may be, another few years to contribute. I was a long time reader before I decided to become a writer.
And finally, may be we should all adopt lightbulb’s Ending:
Your Thoughts ?

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