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by sonik_cat @, Underground Cave On Mars, Saturday, August 08, 2015, 00:23 @ Il_Bagattel

Indeed, we probably did go to the Moon, but a lot of data (accurate or otherwise) has come out that it was unlikely with those primitive Saturn 5 rockets & Apollo capsules, which *reportedly* were not outfitted with any sort of protection from deeper space radiation (the Van Allen belts in particular), to top it off, even the space suits didn't have any sort of radiation blocking.

So, some folks have claimed that a secret space program has existed, & the televised space program is for public consumption only. I wouldn't be surprised, I've seen enough UFOs flying around at times to indicate there is a more advanced technology being used secretly. I've seen some that could have been man made, even though they totally fit the description of "UFO".

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