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by Qwibqwib @, Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 20:14
edited by Qwibqwib, Tuesday, November 18, 2014, 22:01

Hi everybody!

I am thinking of doing a podcast. Here is the rough form text of what I would like to cover. Depending on how this plays out, it could be either one long or 3 short podcasts.

I know this material has been covered ad-nosium on these interwebs, but this production will be for family and friends who are maybe curious or less skeptical due to recent events, than in the past. I am looking to cover the important topics without drowning the neophite in piles of information.

The video will either be an animation with funny cartoon characters, or me and my ugly mug in front of the camera. I suppose if the camera is lookin at me, I can add some animations and stuff. Anyway, here it is. I am interested to know what you guys think and what I can do better! Thanks!

The federal reserve is a private bank made up of several “secret” institutions from around the world. It is possible to guess who these banks are with a high degree of accuracy, but the member banks identity has never been released publicly. The federal reserve is no more federal than “Federal Express”. They have been given the power, in violation of the constitution, to print money.

1.a) The Constitution has laid out the process the federal .gov is to use to issue currency. The Treasury is tasked with minting coinage based on the amount of Gold (real money) held in reserve. This is what is called the gold standard. The US was originally set up to have the value of it’s money based on the value of an ounce of Gold. This is a workable solution based on several unique features Gold as money offers.

1) There is only a finite amount of Gold in the world. It cannot be printed. It is hard to recover, and costs money and time to extract. It does not tarnish, rust or otherwise become corroded.
2) The value that Gold represents is portable. Land cannot be carried with you when you move to a new residence. Gold can be concealed and transferred to persons unknown and therefore is nearly impossible to trace. Gold allows for freedom of financial association.
3) The value of Gold is recognized throughout the world and is easily transferable. There are simple tests one can perform on Gold to determine if it is real or not. Real Gold is recognized everywhere around the world as money. Greenspan just admitted it is “superior money”.

1.b) When the fr creates money, they are allowed to do so at their own discretion. There are no limitations placed on them by the legislative branch. In interviews throughout time, the various heads of the bank have stated, in plain English, that they are not accountable to any agency or branch of .gov and thus have no accountability to the people. The fr is a criminal enterprise and is breaking the laws of this country the same as any counterfeiter making fake 100 dollar bills.

1) When the various banking entities, all tied to the fr through an interlocking web of assets and dependencies, makes a loan, they simply add a number to the applicants account total. This created money is then owed back to the bank, by the applicant, with interest. The money to pay the interest is never created. This is a debt based currency and is not allowed by the Constitution.
2) Think of a tin can. Next take the can and fill it with nine rocks. Shake it up a bit and pour out the rocks. There will always be nine rocks. There is no way for this process to make a tenth rock. In the same way, all of the loan applicants in the country are chasing after that 10th rock to pay off the liabilities they have.

The problem is that there is not a tenth rock, so the money to pay off the interest has to come from a different loan, it has to come from someone else’s pile of nine rocks. This process guarantees that there will be a loser. Just like in musical chairs, in every stage of the game, there will be fewer players and even fewer chairs. The process goes on until there is only one person sitting in one chair. Can you think of any parallels to the modern situation?

3) If a currency is based on a finite amount of Gold (or other precious commodity), it is impossible for the .gov to print money without limit. The tying of currencies to precious metals very much limits the .gov and restrains it. When .gov is limited in this way, it makes wise decisions and spends the money allocated to it frugally. When .gov is allowed to print without limit, they will authorize any and all schemes. If the scheme fails, it’s no matter to print more money to cover it up. This lack of restraint is what fuels the current climate of corruption.

1.c) The national debt so often spoken of in national politics is really just the interest we
fraudulently owe the banks for the privilege of having our money printed for us. In our founding documents, it is plainly stated that the treasury is tasked with printing our currency. They are to limit the amounts in circulation based on a gold standard. This keeps the value of the dollar high, and consistent. The banksters have stolen the ability to print money from the people and are charging a fee (called interest) for every dollar put into circulation. The national debt is wholly composed of this fee, albeit cloaked in hard to understand terminology and lawyer speak.

1) The debt fraudulently ascribed to the people of the United States is a contrived liability. Common law, the Magna Carta, and quite frankly, common sense dictate that debts taken out in the name of an individual must meet several requirements. Paramount to these requirements is that the consent of the debtor must be acquired before the loan is made. Another essential requirement is that the loans benefit the one contracting to create them.
2) As these dollars are “printed”, the fr adds a fee to the national debt. As the number of dollars printed grows, so does this fraudulent debt (compounding annually of course). In order to legitimize this process and money launder the proceeds, the treasury creates what are called “bonds”. The treasury trades these created instruments to the fr who then creates an amount of money based on the “value” ascribed to the bonds. The fr then sells these bonds on the world market. This is how it is said that other countries like China are financing .gov spending.
3) This debt is so monstrous, that it is impossible to ever pay it off. The share of this fraudulent debt for each individual American has risen to $56,193.35 at the time of this writing. The current financial system is absolutely unsustainable. Debt based currencies, or “fiat” have failed in every example in history where they have turned up. We are currently witnessing the failure of the American fiat currency.

The federal reserve is an illegal entity and therefore actions taken by it are illegitimate
and illegal. The actions taken by this illegitimate organization have affected every American in an adverse way. The loans taken out in the name of the American people do not benefit them, and were demonstrably originated for the benefit of the member banks alone. This fact wholly and completely nullifies any liabilities expressed or implied.
The taxes we pay to the federal .gov are thought by many to fund the operations of the various agencies of the .gov in wash dc. This is not true and is a fundamental misunderstanding by the people in general. The fact that the people do not know the true nature of this scheme is the only thing keeping it viable. If a statistically large number of citizens discovered the truth, the whole operation would end very quickly.

The .gov, as stated above, funds it’s operations by issuing bonds for sale. The cold hard fact is that ALL of the money garnered through taxes is used to service the debt and pay for foreign wars. It is a fact that all of the services we think are made possible through taxation, are actually funded by the individual states. Things like road maintenance, schools, and welfare are actually paid for with state and local taxes.

2.a) If the MIC (which stands for the Military Industrial Complex) is to soak up all of that tax money, there has to be a good reason. Enter the war on drugs and the war on terrorism. The united states currently maintains 900 military bases around the world. We have a military presence in 130 different countries. We have been “at war” on some level for the entirety of the 21st century.

The idea is to destroy foreign infrastructure and then spends billions to rebuild it. We are currently in the third cycle of destruction/rebuilding in Iraq. Soon no bid contracts to rebuild will be given to supporters of the current regime and the process will start anew.

2.b) As this strategy continues, the individual participants, the Soldiers, start to realize the big picture and refuse to cooperate. Either they become wise and decline to renew their contract to re-enlist, or they never join the military in the first place. The oligarchs knew this would eventually happen, and as available manpower dwindles, they dump more and more money into automated killing machines.

These machines, called “drones”, are the very definition of cowardice. A minion (not man, they are less than man) sits in an air conditioned trailer thousands of miles away. The minion ends the life of hundreds of people he has never met with the push of a button. In the eyes of the oligarchs, this is a more efficient way of continuing the wars. You see, the goal is not to kill enemies of the USA. The goal is to create MORE enemies so the wars can continue and the ptb can make more money and gain more power.

2.c) Even the above strategy has it’s limits, and as more and more citizens wake up to what is happening and start to protest, the ptb start feeling less and less freedom to make war as they please. They have decided in whole or in part, to then bring the war home. If the ptb can’t kill innocent people abroad, they will militarize the police at home and fabricate a boogey man like “domestic terrorism” to facilitate the domestic war on the citizenry in general. The last thing a parasite does is kill it’s host.

Along these lines, the domestic police force has been militarized like no other time in history. The police are being taught that ordinary citizens are the enemy. Through their actions, the police department creates enemies in the populace in the same way as drone strikes create new terrorists abroad. This further justifies the militarization and creates excuses for it’s expansion. A good recent example of this downward spiral is the dynamic taking place in Ferguson, MI in recent weeks.

The militarization of the domestic police force is just another example of how the ptb secure and keep the power they have gained over the people. Every time a rogue cop kills an unarmed teenager or intimidates and harasses ordinary citizens, the people lose respect for them. Every time a cop violates the law, the people become more indignant. Every time an officer waylays an innocent traveler on the roadside, the people vow to take action. This fits in perfectly with the plans of the ptb. If they can’t make new enemies abroad in the numbers they would like, they will make up for it by creating new enemies domestically.

The oligarchs which dominate our lives have covered all of the bases when it comes to control. The natural thing to do, for the average thinking citizen, when the realization of the fraud and crime sinks in, is to vote the criminals out. The ptb have already subverted this venue for redress of grievances and taken complete control of the voting process. There are numerous examples online of videos demonstrating how common electronic voting machines are easily hackable. It is a simple and straight forward process to program the machines to declare any candidate the winner, regardless of who the voters actually chose.

3.a) The diebold voting machine has gone through several versions, with upgrades and improvements added in it’s 20 some year life. Every version has been totally and completely vulnerable to influence from outside sources. The website details the specifics of how this is done. There are other manufacturers of these voting machines, but one thing is common throughout. They are all hackable.

3.b) The sad truth that this realization brings is that all elections using these machines are suspect. The outcomes can not be trusted when it is so easy to change them. The groups that use these machines to gain and stay in power are also therefore illegitimate. The actions taken by these illegitimate bodies are therefore also null and void.

3.c) The counting of votes is done in private, away from citizen observers. The storage of voting records is electronic and easily modified. The transport and security of “ballots” is handled by minions of the state, and the ultimate election results are certified by minions of the state. Until the people take control of this process and prosecute those who would subvert it, the fraud will continue.

The only way for this to end and for a return to the proper procedure and certification of genuine election results is for the people to withdraw their consent. Do not participate in the voting process administered by .gov and withdraw consent. The people need to institute an independent voting process that is not subvertable by the ptb. Once the people have regained control of the voting process, the other problems can be fixed and trials and convictions for crimes of high treason can begin. That and eternal vigilance is the price we must pay if we wish to return to a proper state of being.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams

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