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kissinger, i pity the fools upcoming date with Karma (NEWS AND CONVERSATIONS)

by ConcernedCitizen @, Wednesday, September 17, 2014, 18:10

Sorry for the rant, just needed to get it off my chest.
We have lived under the leadership of pure evil whether for 100 years or 10,000 years or longer depending on whose account we resonate with.
We live under the "leadership" and decisions of soulless, cowardly, physically reprehensible and totally pathetic creatures like kissinger.
My beloved is currently going through a severe depression/possible psychosis thanks mr. a-hole hank k.
Sure some of us are waking up to the nightmare that these vermin have created for us, and although the fools don't realize we are all interconnected, their separation will be what finally damns them. I don't hate hank, he's putrid, filled with hubris and hatred. When I look in the toilet in the morning I don't hate my poop, sure it's disgusting, it's stinks, it's human waste, much like kisswinger & the clintons, et al, but why hate it? He is responsible for the suffering and death of countless people, but he is worse off. He is totally alone in this world. His current admirer is hillary, another backbiting hateful turd. Like they say "with friends like that...".
I live in a mostly hispanic area. OMG to walk down the street and hear the music, smell the food (garlic, seafood, garlic, meat, garlic and a little more garlic) see the beauty of their dislocated cultures and speak to a people (ignorant and illiterate by little hank's and amerika's pathetic determination) of great wisdom is a gift I as a gringo will never stop being thankful for.
hanky the little vermin and his underlings like the clinton's, bush's, obama's and most other psychopathic morons were winning right now but everything has a cycle.
kissinger, old decrepit, ugly inside and out is nearing his pathetic end. I'm getting up there too but I have no fear, little hank is either lieing to himself or a total idiot not realizing that every action has an equal and opposite effect.
In my town I am aware of little henry's accomplishments:
*my partner came to amerika only to be with her family who had to flee Argentina thanks to the dickless mr. k's manipulations. She was almost killed there by his minions more than once.
*one of my closest friends wife had to flee Guatemala thanks to little mr. k. Bombings, rapes, ,urder & torture all of the things whose legacy belongs to the little dickless wonder mr. k.
*Another friends son was murdered in El Salvadore by little mr. k's monkeys who studied at the wonderful school of the amerikas.

We see our taxes go up as amerikans and our freedoms go down, but we have stood by while the little mr. k and his minions and masters tortured, raped and murdered our brothers and sisters in every other continent on this beautiful planet and now they are coming for us. Like the Mr. Neimoller said: "once they came for...but I wasn't one of them, so I did nothing". What's left of TPTW are gunning for all of us.

We either live as complacent sheep (vote for ms. piggy hillary, best mass murderer we can find at this point) or morally don't accept this. Our INTENT is vastly more powerful than we imagine. little hank (like ms. & mr. clinton) is a walking corpse. Like all vermin they will kill each other for an ounce of power.

Yup i'm pissed.

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