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by Qwibqwib @, Sunday, September 07, 2014, 21:38 @ CatFan

The thing I would really like to know (in a third person, detached kinda way) is if the Ebola virus is real or fake. If it is real, is it natural or manufactured? If it is manufactured, is it synthetic or genetically modified?

I have not thought about the resource side of things. I suppose this could be one of the indications that the outbreak is manufactured or engineered. One thing I have noticed is there is a lack of video/news/discussion showing Ebola in it's final stages. Makes me think of close encounters of the 3rd kind, where they have a fake nerve agent release to cover up the UFO activity.

There are those videos on YT of the Ebola doctors arriving at the University Hospital in Atlanta. They are in their isolation suits, but the videos clearly show a cameramen and what looks like security guards close by and not protected.

They then release the man and declare him "disease free", but we know from reading research papers that the subject remains contagious for up to four months after the symptoms disappear. Certain bodily fluids can still contain enough virus to cause infection FOUR MONTHS after symptoms disappear, but they release this man a mere 2 weeks later?

The current trend seems to be get people infected, bring them here to the US, let them sit in a hospital for a few days, declare them "disease free" and then release them back into the population. It just seems odd and like the full story is being hidden or obfuscated somehow.

What is actually happening on the ground in Liberia? Are there really dead bodies rotting in the street? I have seen one picture of one body, supposedly dead from ebola, lying in the street. I am sure a dead body in the street is, unfortunately, a fairly common occourance in the slums of West Africa.

The people are skeptical. They do not necessarily believe that Ebola is real or that there is an outbreak. They look at the isolation centers as actually introducing the disease to the area. They think their .gov is cooperating with external .gov and ngo's to implement a population control agenda. In many ways they are correct.

When you look at things from their prospective (right or wrong) the attacks on the isolation centers start to make sense. They think they are ridding the area of the disease by destroying the disease distribution centers.

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams

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