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by Qwibqwib @, Wednesday, September 03, 2014, 11:36

Ebola patient in Liberia's Westpoint district of Monrovia RUNS FROM MEDICAL PERSONNEL wearing protective gear. The man in the red shirt has tested positive for Ebola, as evidenced by the tag on his wrist.

The news coming out of Liberia is that it is so bad there, they can't even feed the Ebola patients due, among many other things, to lack of resources and a nurses strike. Apparently, this man escaped containment to find food. Watch as he fights with men in protective clothing spraying disinfectant.

The problem, IMHO, is that the infrastructure in Liberia is barely adequate in the best of times. When pressure is applied, it fails completely. These people barely have access to food and clean water. The food is lacking in variety causing underlying deficiencies in vitamins and minerals. The symptoms for Ebola and Vitamin C deficiency (Scurvy) are very similar. Things like bleeding from orifices, easy bruising, achy joints, fever, nausea etc. are all indications of both ailments. Scurvy and Malaria are just two of many easily treatable ailments that share symptoms with Ebola.

The fact that these deficiencies exist, coupled with the state of the infrastructure, and the wide spread of simple disease like Malaria, lends credence to the claims made by the people of Liberia, that (at least part) of the epidemic is being manufactured by the habit of grouping all ailments with similar symptoms into one group, namely "suspected Ebola patients". It logically follows, then, that people who don't have the disease, when placed in close proximity to those who do, in conjunction with a lack of food, water and sanitation, will start to catch and spread the disease.

This rightfully causes the people to become distrustful of their .gov and their accusations of deliberate spread of the disease start to make sense. I don't think it is deliberate, it looks to me like gross incompetence coupled with a failing infrastructure. The people, however, have come to the conclusion that the .gov is deliberately spreading the disease by forcing people who do not have it into close proximity to those who do. They are rioting, burning isolation centers, attacking medical facilities and releasing people who have come into contact with Ebola back into the population. This can't end well...

Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.
John Adams

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