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by pravdaseeker @, Wednesday, August 20, 2014, 10:06

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Been gone a while here.. long needed extended holiday.

One thing nice about it was the temporary disconnect from the insane world we live in. My curiosity got the better of me whilst on holiday, and we turned on the boob tube to see the news.

Once again I see America being manipulated and race baited.

The problem is NOT white on black, or another colour crime. It is mostly ROGUE police blowing away anyone of any colour who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. A lot of times it has been the gestapo bashing the WRONG door open at 3 am; and killing the resident(s), by making swiss cheese of their body before their lifeless corpse hits the hallway floor. Then it is OOPS, sorry WRONG HOUSE! And the F*****g cops walk scot free. Or the recent flash bang grenade into a baby crib... BOOM in a baby's face. $800,000.00 in medical bills to save the child, and now the fuckers who did it won't pay a dime towards the medical bills. And it was ALL over a $50.00 dollar drug deal, and the guy they were after wasn't even in the home....

Media, and DC politicians are playing it to the hilt as a racial thing; when in reality it is NOTHING but a society gone fascist, and a police state emerging, or rather being established.

The country is turning into a shit hole to live in. I feel sorry for those who have to exist there now.

People SOMEHOW NEED to figure a way to get their country back from the psychopaths who are running things.

For years, I called for a revolution at the voting booths; to get rid of corrupt politicians. SOMEHOW, they ALWAYS manage to get re-elected. How is that? Are they REALLY getting that many votes? Are people REALLY that fucking stupid to vote for these assholes all the time? If so, then I suppose they deserve the shit hole the country has become. It is also why I left the place. It was priority number 1 for me. I had to work hard to achieve that goal. NO extra spending on anything, etc,, save, save..MAKE it happen.

Why are people so easily manipulated? Why do they so easily begin to hate their neighbour of a different colour or belief system? How do you "turn around" such a loathsome national situation?

I know that those in DC have been engineering this mess for some time now. Saw it coming, wrote about it. I called it a war on Americas middle class... and boy has that segment of society taken some heavy casualties the last few years eh?

I am looking for ways, that the citizens can somehow WAKE UP the sheep; and cause a groundswell of nonviolent activism. I truly believe it is the eleventh hour, or 5 min. to midnight for America. The LAST chance is rapidly closing in my opinion.

I hope that this thread I began could generate some serious possibilities for making the needed changes in the USA. Even though I do not live there anymore, it doesn't mean I don't care.

In fact, I realise that if "THEY" are successful at destroying, or taking down the old America, and creating a New fascist America; that the rest of the world doesn't stand much of a chance, and it will fall into the NEW dark ages as well; it is only a matter of time.

So, at the moment, and 1 am in my world, I do not have any concrete serious options coming to me.





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