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by Gnosine @, Thursday, August 07, 2014, 14:11 @ CatFan

hey Catfan, it is thought provoking indeed. i have studied this as the most important part of "why i'm here" reality. the matrix series of books tells of the "shim" which is our other part,side, or soul guide so to say. it also states upon death to not go to the light but to stay away far enough to view it. in the light or heaven as some call it is what is described. music,angels,singing but it is a continuous loop and a soul eventually wakes up and tires of the perpetual ego feeding of a god and then wants to leave. at that point it is granted and a new life on earth/reincarnation is arranged. it makes sense to me at a certain level.

however,if this tunnel or light is avoided,where do we go from there? i recently stumbled across a chart that states:

"The beginnings of the transition to a new type, and a new sensation of space. Victory of consciousness. "Men of cosmical consciousness." Triumph of the super-personal principle. Conscious automatism. The attainment of inner unity and harmony. The "soul" as the center of independent actions, The beginnings of personal immortality."

i have been contemplating "values" lately and what people place as important in this life. my personal conclusion is to experience as much about people as you can because the soul is what keeps going on, not houses,cars,church,or even their god. so eventually, does everyone escape the tunnel and/or are we here to help people avoid that trap? i ask this because for me, i've always lived outside the norm and have gravitated to this site where i feel peaceful with like minded. sorry for the long post, but please expand on this if you want is mind boggling.

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