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by CatFan @, Green Country, USA, Sunday, August 03, 2014, 22:19

This is an eye-opening ARTICLE with links to more articles that give details of specific aspects of the dying/rebirthing process. I find it thought provoking.

I have read somewhere else that the "tunnel" is a trap like the light on a bug zapper. It makes sense that the rulers and scavengers of this world would devise a custom built system to keep us "hamsters" on their wheel. John Lear once said on Coast to Coast AM in a conversation with Art Bell that the mile high tower on the moon is the energy source for the tunnel and is the trapping device. I rejected that possibility when I first heard it, but the idea got more traction for me as I thought more about it.

I have "seen" first hand the demonic entities that get their kicks and food from tormenting, deceiving and using us. Because of my experiences this life time, I have difficulty really trusting people. I can easily see how entities that feed off us would use every deception to control us.

We all have a need to greater or lesser degree for unconditional love, so this is an obvious weak spot in our minds that could be manipulated. I personally have only experienced unconditional love from pet dogs and cats. I have yet to meet a human capable of such, including myself.

I plan to follow up on this article as I am closer to the end than the beginning and it is never to late to latch onto truth.

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