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by pravdaseeker @, Thursday, July 24, 2014, 06:11 @ Il_Bagattel

Dear STA Readers, Writers,

Kinda "funny" how days later, some of what is in this session is more the truth than was first broadcast by MSM..

To me, it is so very obvious that "someone" is trying like hell, to start a major world war. Thank heavens that cooler heads exist in some countries, and have stymied efforts to start a world war.

A "thing" that has surfaced is this tragedy took place at the same time some huge NATO military exercise was ongoing, Operation Trident..ONLY a coincidence... of course.. hmmm

The chaos kitchen is in full production these days... so much happening, one thing after another that diverts attention away from other high crimes.

My worries are that one of these days; some "attempt" to start a major world war, will be successful. The infamous "they" will not rest until they get that conflict started.

The global lockdown that will occur once it is ongoing will make past lockdowns, and information blackouts look like amateurs.

The letter about 3 world wars by Albert Pike, long denied by the Illuminati as fake, sure seems to be coming true to the letter.

Terribly times we are living in, nd they are just getting going really. The hell "they" will unleash is far beyond our worst nightmares. Diseases floating on the breezes, now starting is just a small window into this chaos the kitchen is serving to mankind.

Good luck, hang in there, stay tough, steel your mind and now begins.




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