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by ConcernedCitizen @, Sunday, July 20, 2014, 06:25

Johnny Winter passed away this week and to me this is like the end of a chaotic but beautiful time in music and society.
Today we have a president who tries to divide us in every way possible along with a criminal attorney general who informs us that we are racists if we oppose him. Follow that with a murderess who will play the gender card if we oppose her for her presidential run.
But Johnny, whiter than white played the blackest music with the deepest blues feeling. He hung with people like Muddy Waters and later in life helped keep Muddy and his music alive.
Today we live in an age when zionist nazis rail in hatred against the Palestinians, when so many are out the degrade and destroy their opponents of different races, creeds, political views. In 1968 an up and coming Jewish kid and monster blues guitarist Mike Bloomfield took the time in one of his most prestigious gigs at the Fillmore East to introduce another up and coming monster blues player: Johnny. Back than talented people had the balls to share the stage. Today some idiot rapper tells us he's the best, about his ho's and his guns and his money, pretty much sums up the mentality of today's musical "artist".
I lived in a day when a black man (Jimi) could rise to the top of a mostly white music (until TPTW killed him). Today we live in a time when a half black pretender, a mindless puppet of Soros, rises to the top of a mostly white controlled criminal gang. The times they are 'a changing.
That said we are waking up and hopefully more people will look back to the friendship across lines of Johnny, Mike, Jimmy, Muddy and the rest and finally get tired of the lies of netanyahoo, obama, blaire and the others.
Gonna go listen to Johnny Winter And and remember when people actually could play an instrument and singers could actually sing heartfelt things without stripping, humping and pole dancing to cover up their obvious lack of talent.
Peace! God/dess bless you Johnny, God/dess bless us all, we sure as hell need it.

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