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by Il_Bagattel, Saturday, July 19, 2014, 01:46 @ Il_Bagattel

With the minor exception of a few legs nearing completion, Keystone is already running. I had this discussion with an oil industry friend on facebook a few weeks ago. He states that it reaches the big pipeline hub in Cushing Oklahoma, where it is routed through older pipelines to Houston. The same is true for under-construction areas like baconbits' neighborhood, the oil is simply shunted to older, lower capacity pipes until the newer, higher capacity segment is completed.

No matter the blather coming from Washington about environmental studies and such, Keystone is a done deal and on line.

Not much is known about Cushing, OK, but a small group of families there control just about all of the domestic oil in the US. Their position at the central hub of national pipelines has made them very powerful and uber-rich, yet we hear little or nothing about this secretive Okie cabal.

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