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by iamae @, Russell Island, Australia, Friday, July 18, 2014, 19:39

Hiyas guys.

Found this and found it interesting.

There is this kind of time travel experience we've all had now and then; when hearing a certain song brings back a flood of memories from our past. Emotional associations to the soundtrack of our lives do have a habit of letting some memories out for some fresh air; and when they do we're momentarily caught up in this swirl of memories released from stasis.

This has happened to me a few times over the past several weeks, yet there is something different about the memories; they're not as sharp or clear as always before, like looking at something thru water. Though some may disagree, I don't think this is due to natural just feels different than that. When this occurs it reminds me of being in grade school; having to learn ancient history even though it happened so long ago and couldn't have a bearing on my life. That is kind of how those old memories feel, like ancient history, almost unconnected to my life today...and more importantly to the future.

It's like the poet Bob Dylan warned us: "The Times they are changing"

We certainly don't need to rely on such experiences to remind us of just how distorted everything is these days; even a casual appraisal of the world around us is more than enough to tell us we're not in Kansas anymore. It would be a different story if all these rapid changes we're experiencing were leading towards that Aquarian paradise we've all heard about; but they are not - they're leading towards even greater pandemonium and all out chaos world wide. Not the dream so many have envisioned for so long. Not even close.

Some envision the time when things can be fixed, and the world can return to a more dignified and peaceful state of being; unfortunately the bad news here is that the system isn't broken; it was designed to operate exactly as it is. The world is controlled, and events driven, by the power elite who always promise that life will improve but never seem to make good on that promise. Every so often we remember those empty promises and raise a little hob to demonstrate our displeasure; and the reaction from the power elite is the same every time, doesn't matter what country you're in. In every instance such demonstrations are met with brute force & violence, and put down hard. This is the signature trademark of the power elite: the nail that sticks up gets hammered back down.

Take resonsibility for the reality you are shaping

With love

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