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by Gnosine @, Tuesday, July 15, 2014, 16:18 @ Northern1

"i know you are an ET and you know it,
but are you a sane ET?
Lets see how long you can stifle your nuttiness.
i am counting you to do better than i did on this."

sane? that thing called sanity? oh yeah, that fluid existance where you ask or get asked what it is. well,my friend,i fall under the "terrestris" category because i'm here on this planet. my mind and soul fall under the "extra" for that is where we all came from...out there. my sanity is being tested for i have fallen for that lady i speak of. i cannot stifle my nuttiness for a moment. i have "officially" left the bridge of my own ship and stand on the "transporter" pad. i have asked her to set the coordinates. i await for a "blessing" from Universe and her as my craft floats in time and space. my little stomach knots up as i hold my breath waiting to hear the word "engage" and my life is teleported to another universe. do you or anyone have any advice on such knowledge of "suspended animation"? thanks for counting on me, as i do my best to be "human".

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