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by Northern1 @, Iceland, Monday, July 14, 2014, 18:53 @ Gnosine

Am glad you liked it Gnosine.
The fog is lifting little by little once in a while.
Thanks for the very interesting table of manifestation.
By the looks of it, i am on the right track but with far to go.

Yep, naughty of me to use the a word.
Will abstain from it´s use from now on,
cross my kidney, alien gibberish of honor.
OK that one didn´t count, i had not started yet.

i like what that lady friend of yours said,
it´s funny that she would worry about you being insulted.

i know you are an ET and you know it,
but are you a sane ET?
Lets see how long you can stifle your nuttiness.
i am counting you to do better than i did on this.
My record stands at one second,
mad as a hatter i´m afraid.

Love Is All

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