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by ufodigest @, Sunday, July 13, 2014, 14:54

By Scott Corrales

With the best intentions of providing clarification for these matters, and in the hope that these words reach the authorities and citizens of the countries of the Americas regarding something that all of us should understand calmly and rationally, in order that people may become aware and take protective measures especially at night, I extend this warning mainly to the young: do not endanger your lives trying to capture these unknown animals, as they generally go about in packs, aside from having large claws and mysterious chemical defenses, making them as dangerous (or more so) than any of the large felines known to us. For the good of all, mainly children, we must understand that nature is not forgiving. Be cautious when facing the unknown. Those of us engaged in research ask for more time to prove what is stated herein.

After sending over 1000 e-mails to various institutions, agencies and scientists, I continue to support what I have been saying about Megatherium for over 10 years on my own initiative, based on my sightings of these large and astonishing animals in Amazonia, where I conducted explorations in several instances. I have made up my mind to step forward with my conclusions, hitherto theoretical, which will cause great differences in the public and scientific opinion, but also in the understanding that repeated and ever-increasing waves of animal mutilations through the Americas remain unexplained.

Article continues here.

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