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by Geneticus, Thursday, September 26, 2013, 11:44

The Internet is buzzing with rumors of people in Puerto Rico freaking out and having apocalyptic dreams about the Island country's destruction in the next few weeks from fireballs in the sky. A massive military and FEMA presence is building. Some are preparing for a UFO invasion. Most are having dreams about meteors causing a 200 foot tsunami and the west end of Puerto Rico burning with an apocalyptic fire. It is said event the military involved in the massive preparation efforts are having the dreams. It is said the keys are locked down. Cars are not allowed to enter, but they can leave. If they blow the checkpoint to try to get in, an energy weapon is used to stop the car. Social media and Internet are blocked.

What's going on in PR?

Listen to Clyde Lewis' Ground Zero where a woman called in from PR to report first hand what is happening...

Go to the program labeled "ISON: Pandora Strain" and start at 41 Minutes.

Here is someone having the apocalyptic visions about Puerto Rico...

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