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by Mother_Of_The_World @, Friday, March 22, 2013, 13:00

Source: Xaviant Haze

SKYNET is Real!

The rise of the robot in the 21st century can be directly related with the rise of drone technologies perfected by the United States Military. Drones or UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicle) have unexpectedly become popular in the mainstream media. Mostly due to conspiracy theories and Kentucky senator Rand Paul's epic13 hour filibuster before congress. Senator Paul schooled the congressional committee on how drones are currently being used to kill innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan and how the use of drones over American skies could potentially be used from everything to unwarranted spying to capturing and killing terrorist and criminals. Drones for spying and warfare come as small as mosquito’s, in fact the Air force currently uses robotic drones that look exactly like mosquito’s. These drones can do everything from record conversations to emitting deadly bio-chemical weapons. The uses of drones have grown so much that they comprise over 30% of all US Military aircraft. But the real dangers of drones are the warning signs they signal for the eventual steps towards the A.I. becoming aware.


These warnings can eerily be traced with one word SKYNET – a fictional self-aware robotic intelligence system that threatened to eradicate humanity in the Terminator. In the franchise storyline Skynet was an advanced computer system created for the U.S. military by defense contractors Cyberdyne Systems. Skynet was billed as the “Global Digital Defense Network” and given Internet command with cloud technology over all computerized military hardware systems. This robotic WiFi brain system would eventually lead to self-awareness and shortly after being implemented on April 19, 2011, SKYNET launched a nuclear war that killed billions. While we are still decades away from reaching the scenario described in the fictional Terminator series, nuclear destruction and the building blocks that could compose this doom are already being assembled. In fact, as shocking as it sounds there is even a SKYNET telecommunications satellite that is in orbit right now! Jonathan Amos, Science correspondent for the BBC writes:

“The Skynet system, which includes the radio equipment deployed on ships, on vehicles and in the hands of troops, is the UK's single biggest space project. It is valued at up to £3.6bn over 20 years and is run by a commercial company, Astrium, in a Private Finance Initiative (PFI) with the Ministry of Defence (MoD). UK forces pay an annual service charge for which they get guaranteed bandwidth, with spare capacity then sold to "friendly forces". These third party customers include the Nato allies such as the US. The Ariane left the ground at precisely 18:49 local time (21:49 GMT) and dropped off Skynet-5D 27 minutes later over the east coast of Africa. 5D will now use its own propulsion system to move into a geostationary position at an altitude of 36,000km. The eventual operating position early next year will be at 53 degrees East. The first three spacecraft in the Skynet series were launched in 2007-2008. They all match the sophistication of the very latest civilian platforms used to pass TV, phone and internet traffic, but have been "hardened" for military use. Classified technologies on board will resist, for example, attempts to disable the spacecraft with lasers or to "jam" their operation with rogue signals.”




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