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by WhiteKnight, UK, Thursday, March 22, 2012, 09:31

CIA back to the old days of active college recruitment. National Clandestine Service seeking students.

Life of secrecy and espionage is only one CIA internship away

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) held an information session in Baruch College regarding recruitment for its National Clandestine Service Branch.
Clandestine services is the department of the CIA that conducts covert operations in overseas affairs. Analysts are sent to collect information regarding government and social affairs of a country.
“The National Clandestine Service (NCS) serves as the clandestine arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the national authority for the coordination, de-confliction, and evaluation of clandestine operations across the Intelligence Community of the United States,” is noted on the CIA’s website as a description for the service.
A recruiter calling herself Leanne, using a cover-up name to conceal her real name, introduced the other two representatives, Zack and Julie, who were also concealing their real names.
Leanne fired up a presentation and clarified what the service does and does not do.
The National Clandestine service only focuses on foreign intelligence issues.
“We do not set policy or recommend changing policy, we only inform,” Leanne said. She quickly brushed up the “About Us” portion of the organization, and handed the stage to the next representative.
Julie began by noting the CIA’s three main objectives: Intelligence Collection, Intelligence Analysis and Covert Action.
“We make an assessment based on intelligence analysis over the years and we inform the President,” she said.
Noting several locations worldwide, ranging from Iraq Analysis, Crime and Narcotics Analysis to Weapons Intelligence Proliferation & Arms Control, Julie also noted the Clandestine Service’s most valuable careers.
Careers in Medical Analyst, Science & Technology and Weapons Analyst, and Targeting Analyst, the analysis of distinguishing potential targets to determine military tactics and actions, were among the top three most valuable positions in the CIA.
A few Directorate of Intelligence (DI) products Julie mentioned included: The President’s Daily Brief, a report that the president reads that includes information along the many fields the CIA covers, Worldwide Intelligence Review, and “other assessments,” and noted that a normal day at the CIA included tasking, drafting the articles, coordinating, reviewing, editing, meeting with the briefer and getting feedback.
Julie then invited Zack onto the stage to speak more on what clandestine services are.Zack started off his portion of the session by saying, “Allow me to give you all a context of where you will be.”
He then gave a “movie” example of what the CIA does. His example of the CIA through what many believe it to be was the stereotypical spy who ropes down the tall building, cuts the glass, cracks the safe and then comes back to Washington with the secret documents.
The spy, in Zack’s example, gives the documents to his boss, but his boss tells him that there is new intelligence and his documents are outdated.
The spy now has to go back, break in again, get into the safe, and get the new documents.
“This method is inefficient,” Zack said.The purpose of clandestine services is “to collaborate with someone who actually has the combination to the safe, build a relationship with that person, and then recruit that person,” Zack said.
The National Clandestine service’s mission is to incorporate foreign intelligence, counter intelligence and covert action to effectively create reports so that government officials can make strategic decisions.


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