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by Q @, Hills of Tennessee, Wednesday, December 15, 2010, 17:00 @ Q

I have been reading your posts about radar images and what you see in them for a while and have wondered if your lines correspond with natural ley lines or natural lines of power in the earth that the ancients seemed to have been keen on. It seems that most of the time your large or main lines are fairly close to being the same every time which would in my mind correspond to some type of energy, whether natural or not along those areas you have indicated on the maps.

Well, my main lines are a standard I developed
after observing the scans for a while. It is my
first step... draw in the angles and see if any
radar images line up.

The lines I draw are as follows:
Angle One

A line running through Phoenix, Arizona
the center of Lake Nipigon, Ontario, Canada

A line from Los Angeles
the upper North/East corner of North Dakota

Angle Two

A line running from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Nassau, the Bahamas

also a line from Houston, Texas
Ottawa, Canada

Once I draw the main lines, I add in the little
lines that pop out to me when I view the radar blobs.

Now about those Ley lines...

By George,I think you got it!

I was poking around and found a map,or diagram,
about 3/4 way down on this HUGE page here:

The lines on "Champoux’s chart of the ley line
system of the Great Cross" match the angles of the
lines I use!

I am pleased that others before me saw what I am,
albeit through different methods.

In the words of Mr. Spock...

Best wishes,
--Q [image]

Well, Anubis, here is where I am ....

I traced over " Champoux's Chart' so as to
make the outline of the USA clearer, and I
also went over his "Great Cross" with red
to enhance that.

I then added my some of my 'basic angle'
in yellow.I used the one from the
Bahamas up toward Edmonton, and the other
angle was the one from Houston up to just
below Ottawa. I did the best I could,
without being able to SEE my targets too

I am adding the scan from the National Radar
below as a comparison. On it, you can see
that line from Houston up to the Northern
coast of Main ( below Ottawa) that I used
on the "Great Cross' for comparison.

Now, perhaps the angles Champoux's lines and
my lines are not a 100% match, but they are
close enough to convince me.

Remember, my lines are *my best guess* at
the angles involved. I estimated them from
observing how many, many storm systems lined
up, over a period of time.

Most Radar images do not have really crisp
edges to go by.

Here is the comparison:

Champoux's Great Cross...

Champoux's Great Cross, with my 'basic angle' lines added ...

My Radar scam from this morning......

Looks like a fair match up to me.
I foresee a study of ley lines in my future.....

Best wishes,
--Q [image]

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