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by Retsey, Friday, September 11, 2009, 20:37

Dr. Michael Van de Meer - Does anybody know just who this guy is, or if he does in fact even exist? I Googled the name and found an oral surgeon in Spokie, IL. Don't think that would be the same guy.

Why do I ask? Funny you should ask. He's the "private but extremely influential, silent individual" whom Benjamin Fulford attributes as the source of his latest explosive bombshell blog:

Dr. Van de Meer Predicts Monetary Collapse
Of US Starting On September 30th

Republished here at

A private but extremely influential, silent individual, Dr. Michael Van de Meer, is the person predicting a financial collapse of the United States starting on September 30th. That is the end of the fiscal year and the final date for payments the Federal Reserve Board wants to act, but cannot, because it is in a catatonic state, as are the leaders of every nation state in the world.

There will also be indications on September the 16th, he informed me some ten months ago, "Although September 30th will be the tipping point at which the tree's fate is determined, the branches will not hit the ground until October 7 and 27th and going on into November," he says.

Dr. Van de Meer correctly predicted the financial panic that started in September of 2008 (also 10 months in advance) and has made many other accurate predictions.


Others (real people) have predicted a collapse of some proportion taking place in late September to October. Maybe this is where Fulford is drawing his information. The blog wraps up with some accurate history of the Fed, information that is known to all conspiracy buffs wotth their internet connection.

Anyway, it would be interesting to run down the good Dr. Van de Meer.

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