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by BigBytes, Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 12:11

I have been studying the Washington DC map for several years now, since reading some comments made by Ed Decker about the Pentagram in the DC layout. I figured that if the Masons were involved in the planning and implimentation of the design and construction of the city, that there was probably a lot more to it than an inverted pentagram, and a compass and a square.

The first thing that I discovered was the image of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life: .

Later I noticed an image that appeared to mimic the cross-section of the Great Pyramid, which features ~52 degree base angles: .

Remember that Robert Greaves had done a survey of the Pyramid and published his results in 1640 in his book "Pyramidographia", so that the Founding Fathers and city planners would have had access to a pretty good copy of that image for a number of years.

But then again, with their claims to antiquity, and with the proclivity of architects and designers to want to save copies of their plans, who knows, the planners may have even seen plans older than Greaves survey. Thinking about this lead me to question, if the DC map layout does correspond to the image of the Pyramid, what might the other elements in the map tell us about features of the Pyramid that "we" (the uninformed) don't know about yet; also, what is there that correlates with the subterranean chamber, which would have to be under the Potomac River (near the Airport).

When one studies the history of DC urban planning, one is stricken by the amount of control that must have been exercised in order to accomplish what has been done in relationship to the designs that we see dsiplayed there. Even more so when you consider what was done to block the planning that did not fit the "PLAN", for instance the 1901 McMillan committee's work: .

While studying the relationship between Masonic symbolism and the Egyptian Mysteries, I came across the phrase "journey to the east", and decided to re-read my copy of the Herman Hesse book by the same name. While I was reading, I began to note refrence to things like the League's Secrets, and a vow of silence, and mentions of the influence of Indian, Persain and Eastern philosophy, and became convinced that Hesse was describing the an organization just like the Masons and the Rosicrucians who influenced them.

Next I got out "The Glass Bead Game", and re-read that, and realized that Hesse was spelling out in that book, the workings of Speculative Masonry. Compare the definition of Masonry as "a system of morality veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols", with what Hesse says about the Game; "The game consists in the manipulation of a complex archive of symbols and formulas". If you have not read these books (or do not intend to do so), I welcome you to take a look at my DC as Bead Game page: .

It soon became clear to me that the Great Pyramid, the Tree of Life, as well as the Bible all fit the definition of a Bead Game beginning. I say beginning, because the main focus of the Bead Game, was meditation on the interdisciplinary symbols and multilevel metaphors that were presented in any given Game.

In the History of the Bead Game, Hesse explains, the practice of meditation was introduced by the League of Eastern Wayfarers in reaction against intellectual virtuosity. After each move in the game a period of silent meditation was observed; the origins and meanings of the symbols involved were slowly absorbed by the players. I believe that the symbols in the Washington DC map layout were intended as meditative glyphs, rather than magical talismen (as some have proposed), and that the map as a whole serves as an ongoing Bead Game event for those "in the know".

I suggest that the Tree of Life and Pyramid were chosen as representative of two of the main players in the Bible, that being Israel and Egypt, which like the compass and square respectively, are associated with the spiritual and material aspects of human existence by the Masons.

My website entitled Kabbalistic and Masonic Symbols in the DC Map is located at:

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