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by Tallyman, Tuesday, February 19, 2008, 20:12

When 9/11 happened I was at first inclined to believe that Arab terrorists did the deed, but even in the beginning something
did not look right, feel right.

Wasn't too many days gone by that I just couldn't buy the Official Version of Events and actively sought out similar points of view to my own.

I can't remember when, but the main writer investigating
the events of 9/11 that I read, turned out to be a theologian- one David Ray Griffin- a professor emeritus and theologian from Claremont University in California. Needless to say,
his view differed as day from night compared to the Bush Gang's Spewings. He was the first professed Christian
with the guts to take the 'con' position that I know of.

But where oh where have all the prominent Christian leaders been concerning exposing the truth about 9/11?

You know, like in "opposing the Devil and he will flee from you" type references from the Bible.
Taking a stand for truth and righteousness, and against
evil-doing no matter what personal sacrifice has to be made, all the way up to the ultimate sacrifice in like manner of what they preach Christ did for us?

Where is that spirit of sacrifice?

Where is the spirit of Courage and not the spirit of cowardice which is primarily what I've seen emanating from the Christian leaders of our world?

By their abysmal conduct, they spit in Jesus face,
since they claim to be followers of Jesus Christ
and adhere to his teachings.

Christ taught that it is better to lose your life in this world,
at the hands of the unrighteous, than it is to compromise
and live a soft, comfy life and then lose your soul
in the next world.

Christ taught that the world would hate his followers?
Seems to me from what I've read of the teachings of Christ,
the reason is that real disciples do not participate in a popularity contest in this world and are not afraid to go against the Status Quo, which, if you hold to Jesus' proclamations, the Christian would understand that the Status Quo is the Standard set by the ruler of this world, Satan the Devil.
Therefore those who buck the mainstream goings on,
would be at least disliked, and at most, despised.

After a long fast and with Jesus in a weakened condition,
Satan offered Jesus the governments of the world if he would fall down and worship him, and Jesus declined.
Jesus never said that Satan did not have the right to offer
the kingdoms of the world to him, because he knew that those kingdoms were/are in Satan's control.
Never before in my life have I seen such an obvious manifestation of the Goons-In-Power being suck-ups and obedient minions of the Devil.

I can understand why Jesus said that he would vomit the phony Christians out of his mouth. I feel a like nausea when
I look out and see and hear all these phony-baloney imposters, counterfeit shepherds of the flock.

They are the spawn of the field that the Adversary sowed with tares - what are called "Weed Christians".
They may look like the real thing (wheat), but they have poisonous roots and are parasitic in their make-up.

Listen at how these Holier than Thou Christian Leaders preach that you should read your bible to "dig for that treasure, the truth" and make every effort to know
what good is in that ancient book.

They'll use that scriptural reference in the NT of how the group of Christians in Berea were especially studious and "searched the scriptures daily to make sure of all things".
IOW, the Berean disciples were the real thing - true blue investigators/researchers that would not stop until they
were satisfied of what the bottom line really was.

Is that what you are seeing being imitated by most of today's Christian Leaders concerning that Very Seminal Event - 9/11?

Hell NO!

But wait.
They are supposed to be The Role Models for all others (Christians) who look to them for guidance.
What a miserable excuse for leaders.
They duck honest probing questions surrounding the Greatest Crime In American History. They won't even engage you in conversation over it. They refuse to look at the evidence. They have prostituted themselves with the government over 9/11 and the War on Terror and the surrender of personal freedoms.

They are ChickenSheat Spiritual BAZTURDS!
(most of them)

And one of the latest wrinkles in their Gutless Caving In to the Devil's Political Ministers is that most of them have been more than willing to take part in the program instituted by der Dept. of Homeland Security to meet with them in a super secret rendezvous to go over instructions given by the ministers of NeoConianity - to be ready, when the time comes - (Martial Law? / Suspension of the Constitution?)
to tell their flocks to be obedient to the government,
or the "superior authorities" cited in Romans 13.


They have been Ordered by the NeoConites to turn over their sheep to the government to be ready to do the bidding of said government and propagandized to believe that what they are demanded to do has the "God Stamp of Approval"

What the flocks so called shepherds have failed to remind their flock of is the OTHER scriptures which plainly state that Christians should "Obey God as Ruler instead of men", or saying it differently, if the government should tell you to do something which conflicts with a teaching of Jesus,
then you tell the government to stick it and obey God.

So, whether you're a believer of not, just by being an observer of current events- it is easy to see that our so-called "Christian" Leaders, (or to expand that and say Religious Leaders) have compromised their faith(s) because of 9/11 and post 9/11 events and have cowardly opted for the cushy life and are doing anything to protect their shiny hineys.

As Jesus said of their kind:

"They are receiving their reward now."

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