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by Spectator, Tuesday, April 06, 2004, 21:40 @ WhiteHorseRider

I have read about many fronts opened for to impose microchipping on people. First all starts with proposals to implant people that were forced to obey orders ( proposed microchipping on US military ) or depend on the state institutions ( proposal for implant all the homeless ) even proposals for implant elderly people.

As a sign of things to come, in March, 18th, here, in Barcelona, Spain, we had another front open: the recreational front, as an attempt to make "fashionable" the implant to the young people.

The Baja Beach Club disco/bar ( located in the Olympic port, a great night recreational area ) will be the first disco/bar in Spain that will implant on his/her clients an injectable subcutaneous transponder that will give them free acces without documentation, pay the consumitions and have access
to the VIP room.

The inauguration of the method was presented by some famous people that were "microchipped". That was shown in TV programs and shows.

Even more ominous were the declarations of the disco/bar owners, "The chip will prevail in the future, because in those times the people will use it as cash, obviating the need of a credit card."

I think that the first stage of "microchipping" of people has reached our country; that is being launched to appeal to young people in first place.

Conrad Chase, The director of the Baja beach Disco-Bars ( There are more Baja Beach Discos in other countries, Nederland, is an example ) is the responsible of the Verichip injection for his clients. He explained that a simple injection will implant this chip. This implant will be used for to charge money or automatically open the doors. "When the client is entering into the discotheque we will know who is and what is his/her account status."

The injection will cost $ 153.

Did somebody knows who is Conrad Chase and what is his relation with VeriChip ?

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