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» Forum Categories
» Contact a User
» Contact the Admin
» Change Your Password, Email, Signature, Profile
» Upload an Avatar
» Report an Inappropriate Post
» Start a new thread
» Make a Link
» Reply to a Post
» Edit/Delete a Post
» Insert Videos
» Format the Text in Your Post
» Change the Font Color
» Insert an Image from an External Website
» Upload an Image to insert into Post

Forum Categories

There are two categories available:

1) STA Breaking News and Archives: This section is mainly for breaking news from around the world, as well as archives of posts prior to July 13, 2014. This is the default section that loads when you pull up the forum. Because content is added here quite often, previous threads will move down the page quickly, therefore we have another section devoted to discussions and conversations that require more staying power.

2) News and Conversations: This is the section for member discussions. Since the latest flurry of headlines are posted in the other section, threads can proceed here without getting bumped down the page so quickly.

You may access these sections by clicking the yellow link in the menu bar on the left, or by selecting it from the dropdown menu on the right.

Contact a User

* When viewing a post by the user, click the little envelope icon next to their user name.

* Fill out the form, including the spam checker (asks you to do simple math).

* Click "OK - Send Message"

Pasted Graphic.gif

Contact the Admin

* On the very bottom right, click the yellow "Contact" link

* Fill out the form and click the "OK - Submit" button.

Change Your Password, Email, Signature, Profile

* Click your name in the menu bar:


* On the next screen, you can change your password, email address, and profile details.

* Your profile is NOT viewable to the public for safety and privacy reasons.

Upload an Avatar

* Click your name in the menu bar, then click "add avatar" in your profile.

* On the popup, choose your image file (maximum 100x100 pixels, 25kB, in JPG or GIF format) and click "upload". This must be a file already on your computer, so just download or make one. You can find tons of them by doing a search or use an online avatar maker that resizes a picture that you upload.

* The avatar will appear in the top right corner of your posts.

Report an Inappropriate Post

* Click the "report" link on the bottom right of a post

Pasted Graphic.gif

* Fill out the form and click Submit:


Start a new thread

* Go to the forum index (front page of forum)

* Click the "New topic" link in the menu


* Fill out the subject (title of post) and Message (body of post)


* Then either Preview your post, or post it via "OK - Submit"

Make a Link

* Click the link button in the formatting toolbar:

* On the popup, enter a URL (including the http://) and click OK.

(If you are dragging a website shortcut into this popup, drag it right into the skinny text-input box and not the surrounding area).

On the next popup, enter the text you want turned into a link and click OK. This step is optional, you can leave it blank to create a clickable URL.

* The following code will appear in your post:

* If you left the second popup blank, you will get this code instead:

* You can also just type these codes directly into your post as shown in the above examples.

Reply to a Post

On the forum index, click one of the thread/post titles:


* Click "Post Reply" on the bottom left of the post:


Edit/Delete a Post

* Click the edit or delete links, on the bottom right of your post:


Insert Videos

* Click the appropriate video button:


* Between the tags, put the ID of the video. This will be in the video URL.  Examples:



Insert:   [youtube]VkpbNMHk3Xs[/youtube]



Insert:  [google]-7242608336050311633[/google]

Vlogging The Apocalypse


Insert: [vlogging]372[/vlogging]



Insert:  [liveleak]0a0_1260942747[/liveleak]



Insert: [metacafe]244926/ufo_over_china[/metacafe]

Daily Motion


Insert:  [dailymotion]x9hj8m[/dailymotion]



Insert: [vimeo]8050573[/url]


Insert: [blip]2714908[/blip]

Myspace Video


Insert: [myspace]1820926[/myspace]

Vevo Video


Insert: [vevo]USSM20901883[/vevo]

Format the Text in Your Post

When you write/edit a post, on the right is a formatting menu:


These buttons have the following function:

[Bold] [Italic] [Font Size] [Font Color]

[Center] [Quote] [line break] [bulleted list]

[Make Link] [Insert picture from URL] [Insert picture by uploading]

* Highlight some text, then click one of the formatting buttons. This will wrap the text in two tags, like so:

[tag name] text here [/tag name]  --- this is standard BBCode. You can type the tags directly once you get familiar with them.

For example:

[b] bold [/b]

[i] italic [/i]

[size=large] large text [/size]

[color=red] red text [/color]

[center] centered text [/center]

[quote] quoted text [/quote]

[br]   (line break, for making extra blank lines)


[*] First bulleted list item

[*] Second bulleted list item


[link=] Website Name [/link]  (linked text)

[img][/img] (image loaded from external site)

Change the Font Color

Highlight the text to color, click on the Font Color button, select the color, and a tag

like [color=#34d] your text here [/color] will appear.  The tags are standard BBCode.

Insert an Image from an External Website

* Make sure you have permission to hotlink from the site that hosts the image.

* Then click the image link button:


* Enter the URL of the image and click OK


Upload an Image to insert into Post

* Click the image upload button:


* In the popup window, choose the file on your computer (must end with JPG or GIF) and click Upload.


* Then click on the image you want to insert into the post:


Any questions, please email

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